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Just Dial Reviews

Mr Shinde
        4th Jan, 2016

Great environment to work.

        21st Mar,2016

nice organization

        9th Feb, 2016

Employees of this organization are co-operative

Mr Kulkarni
        12th Jan, 2016

This company is great. They have a direct interest in my well being with the company. I also likes the office setup and vibe. Everyone is super helpful and attentive.

Mr Shaikh
        shai*****@gmail.com | 90*****403
        4th Dec, 2015

I really appreciate that the company allows flexibility in your workday and unlimited PTO. My co-workers are easy to work with, and I feel supported by team leads. I only wish the pay was a bit higher. Because of this, I doubt if I will be able to work here for very long. But for the time being, I'm enjoying learning new things and picking up a few skills.

Mr Sujit Lendhe
        30th Sep, 2015

Great staff and great membership. Highly recommend working here as it is a great source for Software development and career growth both in this industry and outside of it.

        Alin*****@gmail.com | 83*****379
        15th Sep, 2015

From the business model to the culture, I'm so impressed and pleased to be part of this org.

Mr Ganesh Mohite
        mohi*****@gmail.com | 81*****957
        7th Sep, 2015

Fun work place with supportive management, focused on building a great product and a great culture. Strong leadership.

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