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PhD Thesis Proposal Writing Service

Having an excellent proposal can prove to be helpful when you are preparing your thesis. It is not just a framework for your thesis, but also provides direction for doctoral research. Vital questions are addressed in the proposal; like what is the objective of the study, what is the issue raised and what will be possible solution, whether the resources required for research are available or not, whether or not you have got permissions and clearances from concerned authorities, etc. Most importantly, the proposal will prove your understanding of the issue and your capacity to complete the research successfully. After all, before the review committee provides its support, and possibly funds, for the research, they would want to be sure that the project will see a fruitful end.

If you are preparing a PhD proposal for the first time, you first need to get familiar with the rules and regulations of your university which relate to PhD documentation. You also need to be aware of the structure that the proposal will follow. Here are the various sections of proposal which are required by Indian Universities:

  • Title page: You need to mention the title of project, your name as well as that of your supervisor, and the place and time of submission.

  • Topic of research: While the title suggests the topic, you can further elaborate it.

  • Introduction: State the objectives of the study and its importance. Mention what the research results will contribute to the field of knowledge and how it will solve practical problems.

  • Literature review: Here you will talk about the resources that you have used or intend to use in the study. Giving proper citations for all references is a must.

  • Objectives: They must be listed out separately to clarify all that you aim to achieve through the study.

  • Research Design and Methodology: In this section, you write about the execution part of research. The questions answered here are ? what information you need and whether it is available, what tools and apparatus you need in case of experiments, what method will you be using for collecting data, which methodology will be used for the study and why and how you will analyse the data.

  • Place of research: You might be required to visit other places for gathering data or getting some facilities for the study. In case of ethnographic studies, researchers need to go where the ethnic or social group being studied is based. Mention this in the proposal.

  • Timeline: You have to give a schedule for completion of research, providing an estimated deadline for various stages of the study. These deadlines must be feasible.

  • Bibliography: At the end, you must have a list of all references mentioned in the proposal, in a proper order.

The reason why you will benefit by our PhD thesis proposal writing service in Chennai is that making so many critical decisions and putting forth all the information as per the formatting rules is difficult for a first-time research scholar. We help you right from the time of topic selection. Then we assist with creating a valid and viable research design, finding the best resources, understanding the citation style and presenting the proposal in a comprehensive, yet concise manner.

You can mail the details of your study to us at developer.saiinfo@gmail.com and our consultants will get back to you for PhD proposal writing help in Chennai.
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