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Understanding reverse outline: How can it be effective in editing?

Reverse outline is one of the widely used editing technique in academia. Using this, one doesn't create a coherent or organized outline for writing but create a reverse outline for rev Read More

Is the working paper same as a research paper?

A working paper is any of the preliminary research papers, journal articles, book chapters, and review papers etc., that a scholar writes before conference presentation or journal publicatio Read More

Can you explain the capability analysis?

When the distribution of sample data, values, or characteristics is compared to that of the specification limits, target or criteria, the evaluation process is called capability analysis. Wh Read More

Can use focus group discussion as a quantitative research method?

Focus group discussion is limited in its scope and number of participants that makes it less reliable to collect quantitative data. It also doesn’t involve random sampling to draw a sa Read More

What do we mean by data saturation?

When data repeats itself and fails to bring any new ideas which can profit the researcher's existing knowledge, the phenomenon is called data saturation. Read More

What do you mean by statistical control?

Statistical control process involves the exclusion of the particular variables and their effect on the central phenomenon while evaluating the primary variables. Read More

What the confidence intervals and what factors affect?

The confidence interval is an estimation type of the population parameter. It includes a rough estimation range can be easily calculated from the given set of sample data which ca Read More

What is a slider scale?

Often regarded as a reliable alternative to Likert scale, Slider scale offers the opportunity for the respondent to better position his opinion. Unlike Likert scale where the respondent has  Read More

What most common questions proposal/synopsis defense in PhD?

Here are the top four questions that are most frequently asked in proposal or synopsis defense in PhD: How did you develop your research questions? Justify the necessity of  Read More

How to difference between to use inductive and deductive research?

The inductive research approach is used for exploring and understanding the meaning individuals or groups ascribe to a social or human problem. The process of research involves emergin Read More

Is there any MS Word format for PhD Synopsis?

Each university prescribes its own format for PhD research synopsis . However, the basic MS Word format for PhD synospsis is given below: Introduction with problem identificat Read More

What are latest topics of research related to WSN?

Strategy Implementation for Forest Fire Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks Energy Optimization In Heterogeneous Networks Fault Detection in Metal Cutting Process  Read More

How to Discuss: Quick Tips

It’s no secret that writing a viable discussion chapter in either thesis or dissertation adds high value to the research. To convey your message clearly through discussion, follow thes Read More

Quick Tips for writing Literature Review

Writing a literature review takes time, but what if you are on the verge of the deadline? We bring you few quick tips that will save your day! #Tip1: Write on the basis of abstract and co Read More

Tips for Creating Research Questions

Small, yet the most integral part of any research is ‘A Research Question: The Center of Attention’. It is a question that you will seek to answer throughout your study and Read More

2 Quickest Tips for Editing

Let’s just get to the point and be quick about it. Quick Editing Tips: Do Not Do It Yourself: Always give your document to someone else, be it friends, family or professionals Ed Read More

Things to Consider When Developing a Questionnaire

Qualitative or quantitative or a blend of both the worlds, a questionnaire should be constructed while keeping the following in mind: The length: How much time can your target audience gi Read More

The criterion of choosing a topic

A topic is not just a group of words jumbled together to make sense. It however is the identity of your thesis. You must be well aware that it takes extensive research and careful evaluation Read More

YCMOU extends deadline for PhD applications

NASHIK: The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) has extended the deadline to receive applications for PhD from the interested candidates till May 5 fr Read More

Tips for writing a thesis proposal

A thesis proposal is the draft report that you present to the college in order to get formal approval and support for your study. When writing a proposal, remember to follow the writing and  Read More

How to defend a dissertation

A crucial task for a research candidate is defending her dissertation in front of the review committee. Preparing for defense will be easier if you are familiar with the members of the commi Read More

Formatting a research report

Presentation of a research report can be made appropriate only when it is in the correct format. There are various formatting styles for academic documents, like APA, Harvard, Turabian, Chic Read More

Data Analysis and its importance

Whether you are conducting a qualitative or quantitative research, you will have to do data analysis. Analysis means computing or manipulating a set of data using some chosen tes Read More

Methods of data collection

Data is the base of any research project. Gathering reliable, relevant, accurate and complete data is a prerogative for getting correct results. Data can be collected through survey. For thi Read More

Ethnography as a form of research

Social science research can have many forms; ethnography is one of them. The methodology used for this type or research is qualitative. Ethnography means the study of an ethni Read More

Role of language in a thesis

While writing a thesis or a dissertation, you have to be very careful about the quality of language that you use. If the content is well researched but the vocabulary and presentation is not Read More

How to get help from research guide

When you are pursuing a research work in any field, getting proper guidance from a mentor is imperative. In most cases, the college will assign a supervisor for your proj Read More

Top research topics for engineers

It is often difficult to choose a topic when you are pursuing engineering. The topic will depend on the stream or specialization that you have chosen. Some popular topics can be robotics and Read More

Get ahead with a PhD

Completing a doctoral course can give a boost to your career and academic life. Nowadays, in every field, you have a better chance of enhancing your earning and getting lucrative positio Read More

BE/BTech & ME/MTech Final Year Projects for Computer Science | Information Technology | ECE Engineer | IEEE Projects Topics, PHD Projects Reports, Ideas and Download | Sai Info Solution | Nashik |Pune |Mumbai