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40 NETWORK ANOMALY DETECTION 2017 PageRank, Anomaly Details
41 DoubleGuard_Detecting_Intrusions_in_Multitier_Web_Applications 2017 Anomalydetection, virtualization Details
83 Catch Me If You Can Evaluating Android Anti-Malware Against Transformation Attacks 2017 Mobile, malware Details
89 A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls Using Inference Attacks on Social Networks 2017 Online, Social Details
106 Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model and Its Performance 2017 Hidden Markov Model, credit card Details
125 A New Steganography Algorithm Using Hybrid Fuzzy Neural Networks 2017 Digital Image Steganography, Imperceptibility Details
140 Anti-Hijack: Runtime Detection of Malware Initiated Hijacking in Android 2017 Android malware, Anti-Hijack Details
156 A Hybrid Trust Evaluation Framework for E-Commerce in Online Social Network: A Factor Enrichment Perspective 2017 Online social e-commerce, hybrid trust Details
160 Bandwidth Overhead-Free Data Reconstruction Scheme for Distributed Storage Code With Low Decoding Complexity 2017 Distributed storage, network code Details
162 Certificateless Cryptographic Protocols for Efficient Drone-Based Smart City Applications 2017 Certicateless cryptography, certicateless signcryption Details
166 Computational Offloading for Efficient Trust Management in Pervasive Online Social Networks Using Osmotic Computing 2017 Pervasive social networks, online social networks Details
170 Cooperative Query Answer Authentication Scheme Over Anonymous Sensing Data 2017 Cooperation, query answer authentication Details
171 A Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Based on an Ordered Binary Decision Diagram 2017 Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption, ordered binary decision diagram Details
186 An Efficient EAP-based Pre-authentication for Inter-WRAN Handover in TV White Space 2017 Pre-authentication, TV White space Details
193 DC Microgrid Technology:System Architectures, AC Grid Interfaces, Grounding Schemes, Power Quality, Communication Networks, Applications and Standardizations Aspects 2017 DC microgrid, Architectures Details
199 Destination Assisted Jamming and Beamforming for Improving the Security of AF Relay Systems 2017 Jamming, beamforming Details
205 Enabling Telecare Medical Information Systems With Strong Authentication and Anonymity 2017 Authentication, anonymity Details
226 From Cloud to Fog Computing: A Review and a Conceptual Live VM Migration Framework 2017 Cloud computing, edge computing Details
234 Large-Scale Encryption in the Hadoop Environment: Challenges and Solutions 2017 Big data, encryption Details
243 Information Encryption in Ghost Imaging With Customized Data Container and XOR Operation 2017 Optical encryption, ghost imaging Details
252 OEFS: On-Demand Energy-Based Forwarding Strategy for Named Data Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 2017 Energy, content Details
257 Percentile Performance Estimation of Unreliable IaaS Clouds and Their Cost-Optimal Capacity Decision 2017 Infrastructure-as-a-service clouds, percentile-based performance Details
264 Physical Layer Authentication in Nano Networks at Terahertz Frequencies for Biomedical Applications 2017 Physical layer security, authentication Details
271 Physical-Layer Security and Reliability Challenges for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Physical-layer security, reliability Details
278 Secrecy Energy Efficiency Maximization in Cognitive Radio Networks 2017 Cognitive radio network, physical-layer security Details
290 On the Design of Fine Grained Access Control With User Authentication Scheme for Telecare Medicine Information Systems 2017 Fine-grained access control, biometric authentication Details
301 Secrecy Rates and Optimal Power Allocation for Full-Duplex Decode-and-Forward Relay Wire-Tap Channels 2017 Decode-and-forward, full-duplex relaying Details
362 Research on Trust Sensing based Secure Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network 2017 wireless sensor network, the optimal route Details
367 Depth Map Reconstruction for Underwater Kinect Camera Using Inpainting and Local Image Mode Filtering 2017 Underwater Kinect camera, depth map Details
375 Did the Superbowl kill the Internet 2017 Broadcast technology, Internet topology Details
381 Security Assessment of Code Obfuscation Based on Dynamic Monitoring in Android Things 2017 Android Things, mobile security Details
395 A Collaborative Key Management Protocol in Ciphertext Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Cloud Data Sharing 2016 Cloud data sharing, CP-ABE Details
397 Packages for Terahertz Electronics 2017 LTCC, metallic split-block waveguide Details
406 Privacy-Preserving Comparison of Variable-Length Data With Application to Biometric Template Protection 2017 Privacy, security Details
411 Secure Cooperative Half-Duplex Cognitive Radio Networks With K-th Best Relay Selection 2017 Physical layer security, relay selection Details
416 Securing Systems with Indispensable Entropy: LWE-Based Lossless Computational Fuzzy Extractor for the Internet of Things 2017 Computational fuzzy extractor, learning with errors Details
421 Security Analysis of Two Password-Authenticated Multi-Key Exchange Protocols 2017 Multiple key exchange, wireless mobile communication Details
426 Probability of Partially Decoding Network-Coded Messages 2017 Random linear network coding, rank-deficient decoding Details
428 Sybil Defense Techniques in Online Social Networks A Survey 2017 Online social networks, Sybil attack and defense Details
431 A Dynamic Logistic Dispatching System With Set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization 2017 Capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP), dynamic vehicle routing problem (DVRP) Details
441 Android Malware Detection And Prevention 2017 Android application analysis, security Details
445 ALDOCX: Detection of Unknown Malicious Microsoft Office Documents Using Designated Active Learning Methods Based on New Structural Feature Extraction Methodology 2017 Active learning, machine learning Details
468 Time Delay Concealment in Feedback Chaotic Systems With Dispersion in Loop 2017 Fiber nonlinear optics, nonlinear optical effects in semiconductors Details
482 Time Delay Concealment in Feedback Chaotic Systems With Dispersion in Loop 2017 Fiber non-linear optics, nonlinear optical effects in semiconductors. Details
485 TruFiX A Configurable Trust-Based Cross-Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Wireless sensor networks, resource bound security Details
495 A Private User Data Protection Mechanism in TrustZone Architecture Based on Identity Authentication 2017 embedded system, TrustZone Details
505 Secure Wireless Information and Power Transfer in Heterogeneous Networks 2017 Beamforming, heterogeneous network Details
513 Multiple Power Line Outage Detection in Smart Grids A Probabilistic Bayesian Approach 2017 Line outage identification, smart grids Details
521 Secure and Efficient Protocol for Route Optimization in PMIPv6-based Smart Home IoT Networks 2017 Route Optimization (RO), Handovers Details
531 A Cost-Effective Fault Tolerance Technique for Functional TSV in 3-D ICs 2017 3-D IC, fault tolerance Details
546 Trajectory Privacy Preservation Based on a Fog Structure for Cloud Location Services 2017 LBS privacy, trajectory privacy preservation Details
1173 Review on Detecting OSN Malicious Account and Fake Reviews in Online Promotions 2018 E-Commerce, Malicious Details
2067 Detection and Prevention of ICMP Flood DDOS Attack