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Image Processing

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29 Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance for a UAV With Complementary Low-Cost Sensors 2017 Collisionavoidance, obstacledetection Details
30 Time Optimal Maneuver Planning in Automatic Parallel Parking Using a Simultaneous Dynamic Optimization Approach 2017 Autonomousvehicles, motionplanning Details
33 Privacy-Assured Outsourcing of Image Reconstruction Service in Cloud 2017 CompressedSensing, security Details
35 Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes 2017 QueryAdaptiveImagesearch, scalability Details
71 Data Embedding in JPEG Bitstream 2017 Code, mapping Details
72 Watermarking Security Theory and Practice 2017 Watermarking, Security Details
73 Lossless Data Embedding with File Size Preservation 2017 Embedding, lossless Details
74 Real-Time MPEG2 Video Watermarking in the VLC Domain 2017 robustness, preservation Details
90 CHARACTER RECOGNITION IN NATURAL IMAGES 2017 Object, recognition Details
91 Design of an Optical Character Recognition System for Camerabased 2017 Character, Recognition Details
95 Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Optical Switching with Quality of Service 2017 OCS, FTM Details
104 AUTOMATIC RAIN STREAK REMOVAL: REVIEW 2017 Morphological Component Analysis (MCA), Histogram of oriented gradients (HoG) Details
116 Recognizing Text-Based Traffic Signs 2017 Maximally stable extremal region (MSER), scene structure Details
118 Drowsiness Detection for Drivers Using Computer Vision 2017 OpenCV , Naive Bayes Classifiers Details
121 Image Authentication by Detecting Traces of Demosaicing 2017 Image Sensors, Demosaicing Details
134 Vehicle Number Plates Detection and Recognition us improved Algorithms: A Review with Tanzanian Case study 2017 gray scale, thresholding Details
154 Cooperative Profit Random Forests With Application in Ocean Front Recognition 2017 Random Forests, cooperative game theory Details
155 Development of Novel Lip-Reading Recognition Algorithm 2017 Laryngectomy, lip-reading recognition Details
161 Facial Expression Recognition Utilizing Local Direction-Based Robust Features and Deep Belief Network 2017 Facial expressions recognition FER, deep belief network DBN Details
173 Chaos-based fast colour image encryption scheme with true random number keys from environmental noise 2017 Cryptography, encryption algorithm Details
177 Building Occlusion Detection From Ghost Images 2017 Aerial image, building Details
181 An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for the Deployment of Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Wireless sensor networks, sensor node deployment Details
183 Accelerating the Mobile Cloud Using Amazon Mobile Analytics and K-Means Clustering Matthew Beck, Wei Hao, Alina Campan 2017 Mobile Cloud Computing, AWS Mobile Analytics Details
190 Smart Augmentation Learning an Optimal Data Augmentation Strategy 2017 Articial intelligence, articial neural networks Details
191 Semantic Reasoning in Cognitive Networks for Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Systems 2017 Heterogeneous networks, LTE Details
196 Saliency-Based Pedestrian Detection in Far Infrared Images 2017 Pedestrian detection, far infrared image Details
200 Precoding for MIMO Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks With CSI Uncertainties and for Compound Capacity 2017 Cognitive radio, compound capacity Details
202 Performance Evaluation of Visual Tracking Algorithms on Video Sequences With Quality Degradation 2017 Performance evaluation, quality degradation Details
207 Parametric Modeling of Microwave Components Using Adjoint Neural Networks and Pole-Residue Transfer Functions With EM Sensitivity Analysis 2017 Electromagnetic EM, neural network Details
215 A Hierarchical Distributed Processing Framework for Big Image Data 2017 Big data, Image processing Details
216 A Novel Fractional-Order Differentiation Model for Low-Dose CT Image Processing 2017 Low dose CT, image processing Details
218 Depth Map Super-Resolution Considering View Synthesis Quality 2017 Depth map, super resolution Details
219 Features Extraction In Images On Finger Veins With Hybrid Curves 2017 venous pattern, image processing Details
220 Precoding for MIMO Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks With CSI Uncertainties and for Compound Capacity 2017 Cognitive radio, compound capacity Details
221 Optimal Placement of Energy Storage in Distribution Networks 2017 Linear Network Model, Optimal Placement and Sizing Details
222 On the Feasibility of Breast Cancer Imaging Systems at Millimeter-Waves Frequencies 2017 Antenna array, breast cancer Details
385 Script Identification of Multi-Script Documents: A Survey 2017 Handwriting recognition, optical character recognition (OCR) Details
390 Single Image Dehazing via Large Sky Region Segmentation and Multiscale Opening Dark Channel Model 2017 Dehazing, large sky region detection Details
556 CCTV object detection with fuzzy classification and image enhancement 2016 Pattern recognition , Fuzzy classifier Details
745 Self-Taught Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification 2017 Autoencoder, deep learning Details
748 An Efficient Sparse Optimization Algorithm for Weighted `0 Shearlet-Based Method for Image Deblurring 2017 Image deblurring, shearlets Details
1166 Power-Normalized Cepstral Coefficients (PNCC) for Robust Speech Recognition 2017 Robust speech recognition, feature extraction Details
1175 Static And Dynamic Object Tracking And Detection 2018 Feature Extraction, Motion detection