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1185 a Hadoop based Query System on Accumulative and 2019 ??Key-value data, Column-oriented store Details
1186 Evaluating Distributed Computing Infrastructures: An Empirical Study Comparing Hadoop Deployments on Cloud and Local Systems 2019 Cloud computing, Computers and information processing Details
1187 New Scheduling Algorithms for Improving Performance and Resource Utilization in Hadoop YARN Clusters 2019 Hadoop, MapReduce Details
1222 A Distributed Computing Platform for fMRI Big Data Analytics 2019 fMRI, big data analytics Details
1223 A Dynamic and Failure-aware Task Scheduling Framework for Hadoop 2019 ??Adaptive Scheduling, Failure-Aware Scheduling Details
1225 An Intermediate Data Partition Algorithm for Skew Mitigation in Spark Computing Environment 2019 data sampling, data skew Details
1226 An IO Efficient Distributed Approximation Framework Using Cluster Sampling 2019 Approximation, Cluster sampling Details
1227 Data -Driven Multiulti-Hidden Markov Model -Based Power Quality Disturbance Prediction that Incorporatncorporates Weather C onditiononditions 2019 ??power quality disturbance, multi-hidden Markov model (MHMM) Details
1228 Data Prefetching and Eviction Mechanisms of In-memory Storage Systems Based on Scheduling for Big Data Processing 2019 Big data processing, in-memory systems Details
1229 Deadline-aware MapReduce Job Scheduling with Dynamic Resource Availability 2019 MapReduce, Job Scheduling Details
1230 Detecting Suspicious File Migration or Replication in the Cloud 2019 Cloud storage, File transfer Details
1231 Distributed Relationship Mining over Big Scholar data 2019 Scholarly Big Data, Distributed System Details
1232 DLoBD A Comprehensive Study of Deep Learning over Big Data Stacks on HPC Clusters 2019 DLoBD, Deep Learning Details
1233 DtCraft A High-performance Distributed Execution Engine at Scale 2019 hadoop, cluster Details
1234 Evaluating Distributed Computing Infrastructures An Empirical Study Comparing Hadoop Deployments on Cloud and Local Systems 2019 Cloud computing, Computers and information processing Details
1235 FacetsBase a Key-value Store Optimized for Querying on Scholarly Data 2019 Scholarly big data, Facet Details
1522 Runtime Optimization of a New Anomaly Detection Method for Smart Metering Data Using Hadoop Map-Reduce 2019 Anomaly Detection, Electricity Market Details
1523 Demonetization-Twitter Data Analysis using Big Data & Hadoop 2019 Big Data, Hadoop Details
1524 Improving the performance of Hadoop MapReduce Applications via Optimization of concurrent containers per Node 2020 MapReduce, parameter tuning Details
1525 Image retrieval based on ASIFT features in a Hadoop clustered system 2019 Image Matching, SIFT Details
1526 Research on improved k-means clustering algorithm based on Hadoop platform 2019 Hadoop, Canopy Algorithm Details
1527 Identification of Threats and Vulnerabilities in Public Cloud-Based Apache Hadoop Distributed File System 2019 big data security, apache hadoop distributed file system security Details
1528 Research and Practice of Big Data Analysis Process Based on Hadoop Framework 2019 Hadoop, big data Details
1529 Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling for CPU-Intensive Streaming Jobs on Hadoop 2019 Energy Efficiency, Scheduling Algorithms Details
1530 Hybrid-Key Stream Cipher Mechanism for Hadoop Distributed File System Security 2020 Big Data, Hadoop Details
1531 Time Estimation and Resource Minimization Scheme for Apache Spark and Hadoop Big Data Systems With Failures 2019 Big data, failure probability Details
1532 Survey of Data Locality in Apache Hadoop 2019 Hadoop, data locality Details
1533 A Hadoop-Based Spatial Computation Framework for Large-Scale AIS Data 2019 AIS, trajectory data Details
1534 Attack Models for Big Data Platform Hadoop 2019 Hadoop, big data Details
1535 A Dynamic Adaptive Access Control Scheme for Hadoop Platform 2019 component, hadoop platform Details
1536 The Study of Data Processing System for the FBG Temperature Sensor Network Based on the Hadoop Platform 2019 Data processing system, FBG sensor network Details
1537 Research of Data Mining Algorithms Based on Hadoop Cloud Platform 2019 Hadoop, Data Mining Details
1538 Research on the Construction of Smart Campus Social Platform Based on Hadoop 2020 Smart campus, Social platform Details
1539 Research on the Construction of Smart Campus Social Platform Based on Hadoop 2020 Parameter tuning, Hadoop MapReduce Details
1540 Design and Implementation of Manufacturing Data LAke in Hadoop 2019 Big Data, Hadoop Details
1541 Job-aware Optimization of File Placement in Hadoop 2019 Hadoop, MapReduce Details
1542 Forensic Analysis of Residual Artifacts on Bitnami Hadoop 2020 Bitnami Hadoop Stack, crimes Details
1543 Mobile Application for Storage and Retrieval of e-learning videos Using Hadoop 2019 Mobile learning, Hadoop Details
1544 Analysis of Dataset in Private Cloud for Cloud Forensics Using Eucalyptus and Hadoop 2019 Cloud Forensics, Dataset Details
1545 Hadoop ZedBoard cluster with GZIP compression FPGA acceleration 2019 GZIP, FPGA Details
1546 In the Quest of Trade-off between Job Parallelism and Throughput in Hadoop: A Stochastic Learning Approach for Parameter Tuning on the Fly 2019 Adaptive, big data Details
1547 Hadoop MapReduce and Dynamic Intelligent Splitter for Efficient and Speed transmission of Cloud-based video transforming 2019 Cloud Computing, Hadoop Details
1548 Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem: A Review 2019 Big Data, Hadoop Details
1549 Emerging Data Security Solutions in HADOOP based Systems: Vulnerabilities and Their Countermeasures 2019 Hadoop, HDFS Details
1550 Study of Distributed Framework Hadoop and Overview of Machine Learning using Apache Mahout 2019 Hadoop, Hadoop Commons Details
1551 Optimization of Hadoop MapReduce Model in cloud Computing Environment 2019 Optimized HPMR (Hadoop MapReduce) model, Hadoop MapReduce Details
1552 A Dynamic and Failure-aware Task Scheduling Framework for Hadoop 2020 Adaptive Scheduling, Failure-Aware Scheduling Details
1553 Novel Weather Data Analysis Using Hadoop and MapReduce ?? A Case Study 2019 Meteorology, Weather forecasting Details
1554 Improving Energy Efficiency of Hadoop Clusters using Approximate Computing 2019 Approximate computing, Energy-efficiency Details
1555 Implementation of Big Data in Cloud Computing with optimized Apache Hadoop 2019 Big data, Cloud Computing Details
1556 Data Prefetching for Heterogeneous Hadoop Cluster 2019 Hadoop, Data transmission Details
1557 An Energy Efficiency Optimization and Control Model for Hadoop Clusters 2019 DVFS, Energy Efficiency Control Details
1558 Research of Elevator Security Data Mining Based on Hadoop 2019 Elevator safety, Data mining Details
1559 RAM Effects on Hadoop Performance 2020 Single Channel RAM, Dual Channel RAM Details
1560 Design and Implementation of Meteorological Big Data Platform Based on Hadoop and Elasticsearch 2019 el